Chainlink has been showing tons of strength recently outperforming tons of projects and we have taken out some key levels that we're very needed, before we jump into this always remember BTC is a huge factor when it comes to the rest of the market and can easily void this TA. First looking at the pivot points as you can see we have sliced right through R1 resistance and the 0.3 FIB level, a close above both of these levels would be absolutely key for us and would give a lot of momentum to the bulls. Next looking at the SMA's, we have crossed a very very important level which is the purple 200 day SMA which is the most powerful and slowest mover, a close above here will add to all this bullish momentum and we will no longer have any SMA resistance and they will all be support levels which is key for our overall structure and for cushions when we start to run up hard. Now the bollinger bands are looking super bullish we notice our current price action is hugging the top band and if we see this continue you guys know what the likely outcome is... a huge run up most likely to that 0.5 FIB level, also the higher we push on the bollinger bands the higher our midline support level will become, a very key and ideal situation would be for our midline to come up all the way above the 100 day SMA , 200 day SMA ,R1 resistance and finally the 0.3 FIB level, this will be key due to the fact that the bollinger band midline will be another cushion of support for us, and i don't think this is far off because of how grouped together all these key levels are. Overall what im looking for here is a close above the r1 resistance, 200 day SMA and the 0.3 FIB, if all of these confirm close above we are looking extremely bullish , also watching those bollinger bands and the run up on that top band. Not financial advice just my opinion!