LINKUSD End of Parabola

KRAKEN:LINKUSD   Chainlink / U. S. Dollar
LINK has reached the end of a parabola
I believe LINK will continue on a formation similar to bitcoins early days
I will continue investigation and relationship to BTC next to confirm this above statement


Just found your channel. Never used this method, is it saying the link run is over or it’s a buying opportunity? Ps I know you’re not giving financial advice.
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Bixley euphoricSeafoam
@euphoricSeafoam, I recommend a buy, im not quite sure what happens after a channel like this completes. I have a bullish hunch though.
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Ok. Same, big fan of link “real world” potential
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Yes you all should in heavily into Link
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New parabola beging?
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Bixley Cryptonetwork1
@Cryptonetwork1, Not sure
Looking at a Long here, you would say?
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Bixley Deep-Peat-Shark
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@Bixley, Right on!