Chaiinlink has been pretty on par with ethereum recently both showing their great strength, if we close today as a green candle we will have 15 green candles in a row which is pretty incredible! Thats over 2 weeks, we are currently getting stuck on the previous pivot point to the left side, we have passed the pivot point below and we have continued to hold the 0.2 FIB level! Looking at the EMA ribbons which i gotta say are very slow movers but however, we are now starting to see the ribbons starting to twist which is good in our case, they are currently bearish and we want to see the green ribbons flip all the way to on top, that way we are going to full have bullish momentum, i feel like we may see the EMA ribbons fully flip when the crypto market is overall back in the bull cycle. The wavetrend oscillator is almost in the sell zone which means we could see a bit of a cool off soon in the coming days, i think we are going to see a little bit of a cooloff i gotta say, it is pretty due, doesn't have to be a big one at all we could just see a day or two of sideways movement, the most i can see us going back to test is the pivot point below us but i think a test of the 0.2 FIB is also likely before we again start to climb upwards, very bullish on link short term and especially long term! Not financial advice just my opinion!