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So the bubble did indeed burst on this one. Now what? Probably we will see a bulltrap in a few hours. Than another big drop. What do you guys think?
Trade active: Bearish triangle!
Comment: Bearish triangle broke out to, indeed, the bearish side.

Lets watch how LINK fights the resistance. If it fails: $12 is next stop.


LINK is not a bubble. We needed this correction to shake out Shorts and FUD Speculators. Now that $20 is possible from $4 in 10 weeks (5x), $50-$100 is not impossible by December.
@jsanford01, good point, but bubbles aren't exactly bad. BTC was also in a typical bubble and see what happens (and its bright future). I do think that it will drop to $12. Than I will accumulate to achieve $50-100 by December :-)