3 tips to save more money during inflation

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I often wonder why there are so much emphasis of going to school globally, mandatory in some countries up to a certain level yet the contents of what are being taught are not revised or change to match the current economic condition. Could this be some form of conspiracy theory where the parties involved do not want its people to become rich or financially independent ?

It is no wonder people are feeling anxious and stressed up when all they see are rising costs and stagnant wages. In an expensive city like Singapore, I felt the pinch too and have recently make some drastic changes to curb my expenses.

One, take a piece of paper and write down all the recurring monthly expenses that you need to pay. Eg. mortgage, utility, phone, WIFI, barber ,etc

So, the large items like mortgage and utility bills are quite hard to reduce the amount . We can start with the easier one like going to the barber. For months now, I have been cutting my own hair and my son's hair. This saves us S$20/month or S$240/year. A trip to the barber will costs you $10/person. Just go online and buy an electric shaver for hair (not moustache) and learn to cut your own hair.

Next, eliminate or reduce meat from your diet. I have been a pescatarian for years and now with fish price going up , I am going vegetarian as well. In addition, I also try to grown some edible plants like maple beans sprouts, hibiscus and Queen of the Night. I have also included one simple recipe that I prepared recently.

Many of the dishes you can go to any cookery websites or google for videos to learn from it. Try those with simple and inexpensive ingredients you can get locally , avoid the imported, high end stuff.

Lastly, exercise. I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping oneself fit and healthy. Think about it - isn't all your dreams , aspirations ride on this one fundamental backbone - your health ? Without it, how can you pursue your lofty goals ? I run about 2 x a week and swim 3-4 x a week. Thus far, I am very blessed as I have not seen a doctor for decades. Exercise not only boost your immune system but also provides you the mental wellness you need to combat the daily stress and anxieties we faced.

I hope this is useful for some of you and would be happy to exchange more ideas in the future.
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