TRUMP Victory-Calling all Hedge Funds - LMT to the Moon-Fusion

This is mostly technical analysis based on projected world events.

LMT is a great company period. When it comes to business, if APPL was run like LMT , APPL would be much better than what it is today.

1) World conflict will intensify - and be dragged on.
2) Fusion reactor will be deploy-able around the continental US in 2020 ( thu this is a rough prediction as GT can not pinpoint the exact date just yet, the date will be a business model driven decision - 80%)

Lockheed Martin is run like a well built machine, aside N. Fusion this company is developing A.I. that is not just impressive, but,.... . And other units are a prime example(like its biological) of how well this company is doing.

TRUMP will increase spending with this corporation.

To the moon Alice!
Has exceeded expectations!, 267 area is a great entry if it ever comes there.
Here's a little update, food for thought fusion style.

Germany researchers announced that thu a twisted magnetic field their N fusion reaction offer better stability to control the function of fusion. Is Germany racing too fast? Yes, right approach wrong configuration. Why is no one thinking about the inverse functions here???

N fusion by comparison makes the A bomb a fire cracker. During the a bomb test Mr. Einstein said "Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds" from the Hindu scripture. N fusion is the destroyer of planets and solar systems.
Lets' look at the sun, which is about 110 times the size of earth. What the reality is the mass of the sun is far greater then the mass of earth, in fact its a lot bigger. Fusion reaction is a compression of matter, If you were to stretch it out to the gravity of earth, you would en up with anywhere between 1,300,000 to 3,000,000 earths!.

Stars leave a trail wake in space, and we today have the technology to detect this manifold in space, (yes, star trek stuff). Should such sensor be built, we would know the answer as to the configuration of this manifold in space in about 8 minutes. These measurements would prove vital to creating a better N fusion reactions. No one is building such a sensor today, even thu the cost by comparison to say hubble would be 1/10th.

This is vital as every star leaves a signature of the internal reaction as it crosses space. A plot can be derived for every star. There is a small decay to his plot, but insignificant by contrast.

Germany's attempt, may very well prove to create a whole inside the earth. Stopping a self sustaining n fusion reaction is creating and inverse of the inverse loop, that is usually a super nova in stars. As to the final outcome, should it be black hole or white dwarf etc, that depends on the size and the intensity. Nothing to worry about black holes here created by the German team... However, there is a very strong chance their inverse function will collapse faster then their prediction and create a whole the size of Dresden or bigger.

Observations of the sun & Germans drawing plans from it. A failure in magnitude.

Twisted magnetic fields on the Sun are being studied to control nuclear fusion, waste of resources if u try to model those fields to control n fusion, WILL NOT WORK. Simply put a better allocation of the resources would be to create a simple sensor and measure the space manifolds. Fields modeled would prove a stable reaction.

Sun's magnetic fields, bursts and collapse, release vast amount of energies in various forms, cme, coronal holes, and others(Yes others). Why would u want to model those fields to control a fusion reaction escapes me... If you were the measure internal fields, core fields, that would be different, but instead they are measuring effects of the internal fields. So for now, Germany has wrong config. Further more, Sun creates connections to other planets in this system, earth included, and perhaps beyond, these connections are not fully understood yet, but they do pose a danger to a self sustaining n fusion reaction.

So if Germany wants to blow themselves up and change the relation between earth, the moon, and the orbit, go ahead, see how well you do. Here are just TWO worst possible case scenario which I put an extremely low odds for now.
1) Germany creates a self sustaining reaction and can not safely collapse the function, stop the reaction.
2) Germany creates a fusion reaction and a link is formed 500 meters from the reaction to the sun: Scorching Germany.

Why did I post this.
Cuz I can.

How accurate am I.
More then 90%

I am a very optimistic about LMT's approach and opposed to Germans approach for now.

I have to touch on this too, Many people feel that CERN project is going to ruin the earth, etc. don't listen to it, Cern is pretty safe by comparison. While they can have small accidents, etc, nothing to worry about.

Go long LMT, and don't worry about the F35 costs overruns, peace of cake, I'm sure it will be fixed.

G13man I hope this answers ur question, for more, take a look at some of the science books 100 years ago, what then was tried to pass as laws of science would boggle your mind today.. Look 100 years into the future, and you will find the same today. Sorry for the grimmer, blah, blah, I have little time for these posts.

PS: To any reaction, control of the inverse function is the difference between making a big bang or a lot of smoke. Fine structure constant is not a constant at such levels!!! (shesh) - Don't believe facts, prove em wrong, ops you can't. But I can prove this.
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N. Fusion ?
any info that lets you believe 2019
is this the japaneese cobat reactor ?

please list ,
Didn't know silly tradingview thinks any capital letter is a stock... in the above, GT is not what tradingview shows good year and tire.... "GT" in this case is game theory.
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G13Man Marek99
@Marek99, haha ,
they also like to lead you to unknown companies on a lot of searches
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