How much is treatment fo Cirrhosis worth ?

NASDAQ:LPCN   Lipocine Inc
First i want to give a shout out to my research department for sliding this across my virtual desk. Jeff you the MAN .
1 in 400 adult in the USA has some form of Cirrhosis 1 in 400 Boomer has that shit . Comes in LPCN with a patented treatment of that deadly condition. Wait they are going to court for that patent Insiders are telling me the case is a slam dunk (trial was to start feb 8 but you know Covid ).. that is probably why Vanguard and Black rock bought over 7% of the float.
Now to the chart. Volume has been increasing ... broke out of ichi cloud after a nice accumulation period. green rectangle is ideal buy zone with obvious Stop loss. Red rectangle is the resistance. imo there is 3 ways to play this ...
1-wait for resistance to be broken and become support 2- be the patient guy with buy orders in the green zone or 3- YOLO market buy and DCA the green zone. Targets be the red lines above it all. how many people have drank too much during this pandemic ? i raise my glass to this one .
Trade active: Getting close to buy zone
Trade active: been in buy zone for a while now. i am still in