BINANCE:LRCUSD   Loopring / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Here, I've taken the percentage gain from the first large green candle in the 2017 cycle and matched it with the large green candfle we have seen this cycle. Loopring has been trading horizontally for a much longer time, between . 40 - .80 cents since January.

- A potential breakout in the upcoming months looks likely, it could happen sooner but I'm guessing mid-summer.

- If we look at market cap, LRC is a smaller coin sitting at about $750 million. There is a lot of room to grow especially as this cycle progresses.

- Now, the percentage gains in the future are never going to be exactly the same as they were prior, but if LRC rose to lets say $6.00, the market cap would be sitting at a modest $7.5 billion which I think is definitely in the realm of possibility.

- Loopring will most likely not be left out to reach a new ATH this cycle and remember to do your own research.


This will have a boom boom sooner or later!
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