$LSK/BTC long term targets

POLONIEX:LSKBTC   Lisk / Bitcoin
$LSK char From Polo for sake of longest history of price.

Rising volume can be seen on Binance, indicating a trend reversal, right now the price is pulling back from an attempt to break the 1.6k level (0.236 on the 1st fib set).

Next resistance expected around 0.0003, the 0.764 fibline of first fib set, also a good place to take some profits.
Next Target is the 2.618 fibline of the newest fib set, sitting at roughly 60k satoshi.

Finally the more long term targets, the 4.236 fibline of the first fib set at 0.0016 satoshi, which was used as resistance multiple times in the past. The 2.618 fib of the 2nd fib set at 0.0034 satoshi, which market the ATH of the previous cycle.
And last but not least, a moonshot to reach a new all time high the 4.236 fibline of the 2nd fibset at 0.0052 satoshi.