Weekly price speculation at LTCBUSD - Targets drawn

Technical analysis regarding the price of LITECOIN in relation of dollar attached to Binance for the next scenarios, based on weekly movement.

The price broke the maximum price of the 3rt sail at the beginning of the LITECOIN movement, making this region a support. The price retracted to that region, performing a pullback (current candle, touched and is already retracting), making its correction and continuing its impulse waves ( Elliott Theory)
The chart shows the targets that the price may reach, based on a longer movement of time. I believe in the arrival of this value for the next moments. Apparently we are in an Altseason, with this globalization / expansion of people's knowledge in relation to cryptocurrencies, which is bringing several viewers and buyers to the market.

*** This is not a recommendation to purchase and/or sale. It is for educational purposes only. ***
Comment: Bearing in mind that this projection may occur in the next scenarios, not immediately, because it is analyzed in the weekly chart.

Using Technical Analysis together with its price movement, I obtained such results. Anyway, it may be uncertain, as the SEC is moving new rules to govern cryptocurrencies, a lot can still be changed/affected, in such a way that it impacts the price of altcoins.

In such a way, the price will be able to effect this movement in the form of legs, following Elliott's theory