COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / U.S. Dollar
As predicted Litecoin has been going vertical slicing through some major resistance levels like 222$ and even more importantly the 247$-250$ resistance level that we have struggled with in the past. We have wicked all the way past the 0.6 FIB level all the way to just over 300$ (USD) we are currently seeing a little downwards pressure but nothing to serious and we are holding onto that 0.5 FIB level, we gotta hold this for our daily close tonight and if we do for the second time in 2 days we are looking very bullish . We have been flying up the top bollinger band pretty explosively and if we do see this bullish close tonight i think there is a strong chance that we are actually going to continue climbing up here! We are all around very bullish right now! The MACD looks great we are seeing some big separation in the MA's which is a very good sign and something we want to see continue, this allows us to have some downside or a bit of a cooloff without triggering a bearish cross, also shows the bulls momentum is rising! Same thing with the histogram we are seeing steady increases in each daily green bar which is a good sign for our momentum and this is something we wanna see continue going forward, once we start to see a decline or the histogram starting to flatten out it opens the door for a likely bear cross. Now the squeeze momentum indicator , we we're just recently coming out of a bullish cycle with out bar reaching the midline but we have onceer again activated a new bullish squeeze and currently we are seeing our squeeze release shown by the black crosses turning white, and this is the most explosive part on this indicator and this squeeze release could potentially continue on for the next few days, which would be great! Overall super bullish on LTC it is a great project/coin and i think we definitely have some big upside, i do think at some point sooner than later we should expect a little cooloff with a few days of red action, this would be totally normal and actually a healthy thing for price action and our overall structure, but for right now i think we are going to keep climbing and especially with BTC dominance slowly falling once again! Not financial advice just my opinion!


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