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We are definitely looking at pre 2018 levels across the board. Things are probably going to get ugly for a bit.

Never just listen to some stranger on the internet when it comes to money or medicine. But this is my plan...i am going to be waiting and saving as much capital as I can (outside of other assets/investments). But in my opinion bargain prices are here and will be down here for a while.

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn how to read volume . Because you can really clean up your technique. You camn learn withoout the pressure. Lets say its another 18 months before the next bull market and in that time you traded a demo account and saved money.. by the time the next bull ru n comes. you will be prepared and will see it coming/.

Get a demo FX or crypto account. You can also backtest on Trading view. You can get thousand and thousams of reps in replay mode. Trading is a skill no different from learning a musical instrument or a martial art. Its not magic. There are specific forces that move the market that you can very clearly see using volume . Volume analysis is the most reliable way.

Learn VSA and risk management, get a demo account or a pr account on TV so that you can get thousands of reps in replay mode. If you so that then you will be able to call people out. You wont be tricked. You will have control f your emotions and very possibly make day trading a viable meams of investment and income.

I recommend using a demo account for forex. Forex volume tends to be very unifor and predictable . You can transfer that skill to Crypto for sure. But i recommend learning using forex.

Once again, check out Pete Faders VSA on youtube. Start with the 4 part series called "the truth behind price movement" it will open the door to how to use volume . You will wish you had known about VSA before you ever started trading.

Good luck!