LTCUSD: You Know What Time It Is... Don't Stop the Party!

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Hi Everyone! Don't Stop The Party!!! World Wide... Yeah... Red RSI in the 4-Day is about to go above Level 50 to trigger upward pressure. 12-hour and 24-hour show the Red RSI has already crossed above Level 50. Which means upward pressure continues until the White Energy in those time frames come down to Level 50. ALSO: When the Red RSI -AND- the Blue LSMA go across Level 50 in "ANY" TIME FRAME," that has the potential to promote expansion of the Bollinger Bands and encourage price action to go UP with expansion of the Bollinger Bands .

Happy Trading and Stay Awesome!

Don't Stop the Party - Pitt Bull - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0vFid2t...
Comment: Treble sounds a bit high after listening to the recording... I'll turn that down a bit next recording... I'll turn the gain up a bit more too.
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In case you are a new follower curious about the indicators: Almost forgot to post directions on how to get access to the indicators and place them on your charts. It's provided in the video link below...

Setting Up Indicators in Multi-Chart Window for Multiple Groups
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Stretched it out a little for you...

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LTCUSD: Somewhere inside the White Box. Will have to watch indicators for "exhaustion" around that time.

Website is LIVE: https://www.wyckoffmode.com

We had a great LIVE Stream yesterday! About 18 hours straight. Nailed the bottom for BTCUSD (Dec. 3rd).

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