Place your bets gentlemen! Which way will it go?

COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / U.S. Dollar
I think if you look at this chart on its own... Keep in mind this is the 1 hr chart. It looks about as neutral as neutral can be. Could go up as easy as it could go down.

At a glance I would say this is going to drop to 22 rather then go to 36. But who cares right. We have held since 200 so FUCK IT!....

NO. I'm done. I'm not loosing another dollar.



ITS OVER. GET OUT. I have buy orders at $4.09 and 13.25 on LTC. If you have profit. Take it and WAIT a few months. LOOK AT ALL THE SELL ORDERS RIGHT THIS SECOND ON COINBASE. 6322LTC ON THE ASK! NO JOKE. You might see this a few hours later but right now there is a 6322 sell order at the current price on LTC and its been there for a while.

Live to fight another day. FFS that was a huge loss! OVER20 club I guess.

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