This it's my own chart in my perspective for Litecoin!!!

COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / U.S. Dollar
Litecoin it's show us a bullish sentiment toward the $400 USD, at the moment, as my target it's the $300 USD, I change my target at $400 USD as I have 23 LTC contract in long position, and also, in profit earning Bitcoins .

As we see a bullish rising wedge in 3 Daily chart , the trend it's continue bullish . And also, I mark this trend line that it's the key and we formed a support right now, that mean that Litecoin it's goes to make a pump toward the next resistance of $175 USD to then, if Litecoin goes to break out the reistance of $175 USD approximately, we can to see a new impulse toward the $300 USD easily, and then the $400 USD

And look the weekly chart, we see that the price action show us to bought Litecoin, for that, I decide to large a little more my target toward the $400 USD to earn good poin of their maximum historic price what Litecoin reach the mark approximately at $400 USD in 2017.