LTOUSDT - Signal for Bullish

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Pra Trading :
- Please care for Money Management
- Have a good psychology
- Do not be hurry to open position and do not do nothing if u see opportunity
- Evaluate and upgrade your trading plan

Execution Strategy :
- Know what you want to buy, see the Fundamental
- Decide that you are on investing or speculating
- Consider what your strategy based on Investing/Speculating
- Make Road Map Of Your Trading Plan
- Decide
a. Entry strategy
b. Cut loss
c. Target of Profit

Post Trading :
a. Do not be sad if you loss or do not be very happy if you win
b. Just become a normal without emotion, Do not put emotion into your trading
c. Evaluate your trading
d. Keep on Learning
e. Be Humble

Idea :
LTOUSDT - Signal for Bullish

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