Luna Classic: Then we will fight in the shade.

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I'm 356 Mg of caffeine into the day, and I'm no longer lying in the fetal position. Remember that scene in 300 towards the end where Leonidas and his last few soldiers stood surrounded by the Persian empire? Buckle the hell up; you are here.

The fed has begun QT, and the bears are crying about this impacting the market, but I ain't shook because everyone is stupid except me.

Keeping an eye on BTC, we dipped down but still maintained 30k by this morning, so turn up that hopium gas and look for another rally to 31k or possibly 35k. This may give us one last rally on LUNC before we see whether or not the market takes another downturn reaching lower lows.

Take note of the projections, watch the touch and retests of the downtrend line around 0.00010669, and BTCs movement. If we continue to rally, watch the touch, and retest at 0.0001200 and 0.0001300, those areas you may want to make out like a little rat.

This goes for both LUNC and BTC, BTC being the leader and LUNC following; pay attention to the direction of BTC during the following LUNC price points at 12000-13000 (IF we make it).

Look for a boring structure moving up slowly after that point, then draw some test lines from the recent high and low, and watch the price retest at the conversion. If we dip down at that conversion and touch back up, the smart money is likely baiting us with an uptrend structure and about to liquidate us fools, so here goes our final spear throw:

If we keep rallying past BTCs 31k and LUNCs 0.00013, take profits at the height of that pump and go the F*** home to your mom. Or, flip to a short if you're genuinely degenerate and insane, like me.

It's been an honor fighting by your side, Spartans.
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