$MARK coiling up for a breakout?

NASDAQ:MARK   Remark Holdings, Inc
$MARK is a technology-focused company, develops and deploys artificial intelligence products for business solutions. They have a thermal camera that can help businesses detect high body temperatures for potential COVOID-19 victims.
With COVOID-19 infections slowly ticking up in the US and more cities are are temporarily shutting down, we might see more demand in these thermal cameras for businesses.
$MARK has been coiling up in the triangle for a potential breakout past the hourly resistance and 0.5 fibanocchi at around $2. 40
MACD indicator is slowly crossing back up on the 4hr chart which is bullish .
An ER is scheduled on July 6th , 2020 at 4:30 pm EST.
$MARK also has about 16% Short Interest.
Keep in mind I am not a financial advisor and this information is strictly for educational purposes only.