MATIC one of my favorites


MATIC Network is one of the most useful coins in the space as a Layer 2 ETH solution that works well and offers its own plethora of tokens on the platform.
Fundamentally, I like MATIC for years to come beyond the price and am excited to see where development leads.

RSI showing exaggerated bullish divergence , but may be rejected at 60 resistance soon. MATIC would enter the bull control zone above $2. 05 and bull critical zone above $3.62.
RSI alert level of 90 would offer price targets of $7+, especially if and when Bitcoin BTC breaks above 70k towards 130k in the next 1-3 months.
BBWP showing extended periods of limited volatility over Nov 2021, indicating major moves incoming (as already seen over the past few days, now 12/ 01 /21).
PMARP indicated accumulation ended around 11/22/21.
TSI generated a sell signal from 10/27/21 to 11/07/21, rising above and falling below +25.
TSI generated a buy signal after falling below the zero line on 11/17/21 after rising above the zero line from 11/25/21 to 11/29/21.
TSI crossed the signal line twice from 11/24/21 to 11/28/21 indicating a long position may be prudent.
CMO dipped below and rose above -50 on 11/17/21, indicating a potential buy signal.
CMO crossed the zero line on 11/25/21, indicating a buy signal.
CMO is currently +35 and once above +50 would indicate a potential sell signal.
SMI crossed signal line on 11/28/21 and zero line on 11/30/21, indicating buy signal.