Matic - MATICUSD explosive move coming

we are in the apex of the triangle now. Expecting a clear direction UP/DOWN within 1 week and it will be a big move

stay alert at it if you are interested in Matic

Note: Matic's strength is stronger than btc /ADA/Eth/... so the percentage move will be bigger.
Comment: we have decided to break down without volume . Meaning that the pattern might be something else. Right now bitcoin is at the low of rectangular range. I suspect that We will only see bigger volume when bitcoin decides to break down the lower rectangular side but i doubt it can happen
Comment: time for recovering after shaking out weak hands
Comment: we are going bac to 1.3$ at least AND has to break out of the pink line resistance.
I think we will have a small pullback at that and decide to break up


it's only going lower. needs a catalyst for a break out. lines on a chart do not equate to a legit catalyst.
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@malice well said
@malice, agree. Lot of the time we will see patterns inside patterns. So without volume, it might just be that we are forming another pattern instead of the desired one