$MCO - Ahhhhhhhhhhh

NYSE:MCO   Moody's Corporation
Not an interesting chart to begin with - really. If it weren't for the 2 hour, I (probably) would've skipped over it. But SUUPAAAA ready to jump on this come Monday. But check me out - I H.A.T.E & always 150% regret catching a knife that starts with a fat ass black candle & then just trades flat - probably the worst, most painful trade to sit & watch either do nothing or just keep (slowly but surely) falling even more ($CMD, $NOAH, $FSLR, etc.,). Because think about the whole "Every gap gets filled" theory - moving averages count each candle & during a gap (up/down) obviously once the # of candles counted to calculate the moving average comes to the candle after the gap - the moving average automatically makes a huge re-calculation in slope (upwards/downwards). Otherwise, if it's a number of candles that make huge moves (up/down) - there's not much to correct, everything is priced in with regards to strength of the trend. But few things to point out - red line was what I originally marked on 2 hour chart for first little bump up using a bar counting method in reference to the white curve (when lows stop making new lows, & curves up). RSI (black) & MFI (white) - it's not oversold if RSI says it is - hence why I use both. Since MFI takes the % change in each candle, if price moves faster in either direction while RSI shows divergence - you can obviously expect (some type of) a reversal only when RSI crosses above / below MFI . 3rd thing to point out - 45 EMA as a volatility type of measure. I won't get into the different pattern reactions there are but, off rip - this setup reminded me of $BIDU a while back. Not because of that personal volatility theory but the potential for a huge comeback within such a short amount of time after (mostly flat) trading. The target price I shot for wasn't glorious because I only saw it after the start of a breakout - but I'll leave an old post from $BABA so you can get an idea how price reacts during times 45 EMA is about to get close to / flatten against / cross below/above another moving average. Overall target price - $184 to be safe (gap fill is N.O.T guaranteed), $185 to 500% take profit & enter (small) short position.

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Trade closed: stop reached: WOOOOWWWWW WHAT A LIL BITCH