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This is a possible scenario especially if the team fails to deliver (again!!) VISA cards to US residents. I can't help but feel disappointed (and downright disgusted) with their efforts. The team is notorious for making investors think that cards are on the verge of shipping when in fact they never actually ship. It's true that some select individuals (early adopters) have received their VISA cards along with some in Singapore. But, you have to wonder what road blocks they have encountered which they are keen on keeping close to their chest. Many long-term investors are sick of hearing empty promises. What specifically is preventing the team from delivering cards to US residents? Why did they collect US addresses months ago (without proof of residency) and still no cards? If the team has over 100 members then why do they fail to deliver? They seem rather incompetent. Best case scenario, they are inexperienced. Or, they are too ambitious and so they cannot obtain lofty goals. Or, perhaps they are too divided and unfocused venturing off into payment processing and CRO token?

Why is there no healthy growth on the chart? Every move is a pump in dump. The token cannot hold its value. We need to start seeing healthy, organic movements on the chart. It's always a very high wick. MCO has only known bearishness. The app is cool (along with the perks) but it is all meaningless without the cards! The team needs to wake the **** up and start delivering a real-world product to thousands of users. Over 150,000 people have reserved a card but no tangible results except by an exclusive few. I am not impressed with their efforts. Do better. Stop saying we are so close to issuing cards. Cut the bull****. Set concrete dates and deliver. The team fails to hold themselves accountable for their efforts. No one cares about Q and A sessions with vague, meaningless responses. Deliver the cards soon or RIP when every single investor bounces because the team can't keep their word. is very persuasive and keen on luring you in to their trap. Sure, I'm a long-term holder and believe that this team will eventually get their **** together and actually deliver a tangible product. But, until they do, I am super bearish even if Bitcoin and major alt coins go to the moon. MCO will go to the grave unless they start to give the people what they said they would give them. My confidence in the team approaches zero as time goes to infinity because they promise cards soon but their definition of soon is absolutely arbitrarily long. If they say something will be done in days, then expect months if not years. is not the dream team. My review of this project will not change without irrefutable, quantifiable, and tangible proof.

Many feel this way. If you don't believe me, go to Reddit and find the most dissatisfied participants that I have seen in the entire crypto space.

Who knows, maybe the team will stumble across this post and take it as constructive criticism. I won't hold my breath since they have grown so complacent. The team may very well be ultra-compliant with regulators (which is good!) but they absolutely suck at disseminating information with truthfulness, integrity, transparency, and clarity. They have only known vagueness. They give you the illusion that all is well. Meanwhile, skeletons are lurking in their closet. How about you give the people the truth for once? No one is interested in the facade. Communicate the road blocks. Be specific. Be frequent with updates that actually matter. Your silence pisses me off. But what pisses me off more than silence is unfounded confidence and excitement of a product that doesn't actually exist. Stop lying. A card in the hand of a few does not have equality with a card in the hand of millions.

You want global mass adoption of a non-existent product. Deliver the product incrementally wherever it is legal. You don't need to do it all at once. Mass adoption will come eventually if you continue to add jurisdictions that become crypto-friendly. Deliver the cards state by state if necessary. Stop waiting around. You will lose your faithful supporters if you do.
MCO is driven by clever Kris with Polish roots. There are bunch of investment vehicles schemes born in his country so there is clever hord of brainstormers thinking all the time how to squeeze money from your pocket.

And hey. FORGET that they will give you card shipping great info any day before right time comes - and it is final trend reversal I would say If it ever will come :)

Such a info is sunshine booster and this one is needed only when trend is aiming in paper direction. UP.

I am disappointed about DGB condition. It went down below cent and it is a shame.
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damdamm damdamm
@damdamm, Jared bought back full bags of DGB under cent and that's all positive. Let it be like this ;)
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@damdamm, Yeah, Kris is clever. At least marketing is so much better than DGB. But this team doesn’t know how to set proper expectations for investors. Where is the ROI?!
damdamm crypto_gunther
@crypto_gunther, I observed that here on MCO it is clearly seen that when good info comes then proce go down.

BUT I mean good info from KRIS not from some IT whistleblower. For example. Mtfr sent emails to all MCO clients that sth about shipping cards will happen.

Email was so exciting that I thought I should buy it. HAHAHA

I, ME.. I thought it like that like little fish. And then when realized what is on chart.

Mtfkr gave this info on 5th wave of 5th wave after which huge drop went immediately.
@damdamm, Well, the news from Kris is generally mediocre. It's not really groundbreaking news that will cause price to skyrocket. It will be very interesting to see what happens when the cards actually start to ship in the US. Usually, MCO pumps hard when it does (rare event!). Also, the whale(s) that control this market are borderline retarded. Seriously. They should control the price in a way that appears to be more organic or healthy. Instead, they go all in and then impatient sellers dump their entire portfolio. The whale(s) need to buy batches for steady growth so that we start to leave people behind and FOMO sets in.
damdamm crypto_gunther
@crypto_gunther, so he is a piece of clever man.. with old tricks.. But instead of Jared he knows what for he is waking his ass up...
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DGB last 1,5 year correction of which full 1year is disappointment in my eyes. That is scary.
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@damdamm, Has DGB formed any meaningful partnerships yet? Maybe Jared should go to business school. He has excellent technology but lacks the ability to make connections with the right people in the space.
damdamm crypto_gunther
@crypto_gunther, true words agree with you..

Jared's baby face must get ass kicked by true players to make his baby face older and more experienced.

I do not lose trust into DGB but Jared should look for some business school...

And it is out of my mind how could this selfish *********** make war with binance.

I put my money into his project and he made such a stinky fart into space. WHY ? WHY ? WHY ?

He could be polite even when someone wanted 10 millions for listing..
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@damdamm, I totally agree with you on this one. At one point, Jared said that Binance wouldn't even last. As it turns out, CZ became a billionaire (rags to riches) in less than 6 months and was featured on the cover of Forbes magazine! And, he knows exactly what he is doing. Perhaps Jared needs to go back to being a farmer. lol

Jared is just salty that DGB wasn't listed on Binance and he doesn't want to pay listing fee. Serious mistake.
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