Ichimoku Cloud - When to Buy or Sell?

Example of Ichimoku Cloud and how to trade:

1. If price is above cloud then we look for longs
2. If price is below cloud then we look for shorts
3. If price goes above base line + above cloud, it is BUY Signal
4. If price goes below base line + below cloud, it is Sell Signal
5. You can also use EMA or MA, and create second layer of Strong buy and Strong sell, e.g. if Base line Crosses EMA 50 then it is Buy, if price is above cloud, opposite is also true
6. Once you get BUY, then you can enter, or wait for retest and then enter base don pivot levels
7. You can use Falcon CCI (Free Indicator) on Trading View for further buy signal

Falcon CCI Indicator that I made can be checked here:
You can use these concepts in screener and make a perfect screener that can short list crypto for you that can actually move based on your time frame.

Some conditions that you can try in screener:
  • Ichimoku Span A is greater than Ichimoku Span B
    Open crosses Span A
    Conversion line crosses up Base Line

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