+15.6% in November: Harnessing the Power of Minervini's Strategy

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This November, my 'Growth, Innovation & Momentum' portfolio is up by more than 15%.

I embarked on a fascinating journey in the world of stock trading, closely following Mark Minervini's esteemed trading strategies. Minervini, a renowned stock market wizard, is famous for his SEPA (Specific Entry Point Analysis) methodology, a combination of technical analysis and risk management. As I navigated through the dynamic landscape of the stock market, I applied these principles, aiming to optimize my swing trading approach. Today, I'm excited to share with you a detailed analysis of my portfolio's performance.

The Core of Minervini's Strategy
Mark Minervini's strategy revolves around identifying stocks with strong potential before they make their significant upward moves. The key elements of his approach include:

Trend Template: Minervini focuses on stocks in a strong uptrend.
Risk Management: He emphasizes strict stop-loss orders to minimize losses.
Volume Analysis: Volume spikes on up days are a positive sign.
Entry Points: Entering at specific points to maximize gains while minimizing risks.

My Portfolio Performance: A Deep Dive

Overall Performance: +15.6%
Total Winners: 27 trades
Total Losers: 13 trades]
Batting Average: 67.5%

Key Takeaways

Winning Edge: A batting average of 67.5% signifies a robust strategy in picking winners, aligning with Minervini's emphasis on stock selection.

Entry and Exit Strategies
Following Minervini, I aimed for precision in entry and exit points. I sought stocks showing signs of breakout with high trading volumes, entering positions during their early upward trend phases. For exits, I set strict stop-loss levels, though I'm looking to refine these further.

Risk Management
Risk control is a cornerstone of Minervini's method. I maintained a disciplined approach to stop-loss orders, though my average loss suggests a need for tighter control. Moving forward, I plan to implement more stringent risk assessment techniques.

Stock of the Month: Vertex

On Dec 13th, Vertex jumped by a whopping +13.2% following encouraging news regarding the Opinion for Sickle Cell Disease Therapy From European Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use.

Here is the link to my current portfolio:

Combing the BEST of two WORLD's: Cathie Wood & Mark Minervini

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