MGTI. Example of 5 wave up, ABC down. New 5 up begins

OTC:MGTI   MGT Capital Investments, Inc
MGTI . A company so poorly run, they can't even get printing money right.

But, that's not important. After completing a long C wave of an ABC correction, following an impressive 5 wave impulse up, MGTI is is beginning a new 5 wave up.

I would dump this stock upon reaching target price of anything over $10 with realistic targets of $15-20 based on wave count and fib levels. MGTI's greatest problem is their incompetent management.

But, thanks to bitcoin and ONLY bitcoin , the price will pump HARD in June/July time frame as it enters wave 5. Right now we began wave 1 last week.

But this company struggles to even print money and bitcoin mining is their ONLY play left now. I recommend DUMPING at your price target and buying back at a 80% discount . Based on analysis, there is a 86.37% chance SP will drop to $2.30-$2.50 range after achieving $10-20 prices.

No longer a HODL beyond June/July in my view.


$20 (the result of a shooting star if this price is reached)

Not trade or investment advice. Educational purposes only. Due your own research as always, especially on questionable companies like MGTI before committing capital. Know your risk.

All the best