3 men make a tiger - the power of belief

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Our mind is constantly bombarded with news, false information, fake news, rumours, gossips,etc everyday. Our attention span is decreasing by the seconds each day upon receiving a piece of news. We are too scattered and deplete our energy over many useless stuff that steal our attention, energy and adds no value to our lives.

The good news is - we can control it. Make a conscious choice today in deciding what you want to read. For example, if you are like me, invested in Amazon, Meta, Apple, etc then corporate news about them may be of interest to you. This is my first priority so any companies that I am not vested in , I usually skipped them. Then, macroeconomic news for which I am personally interested in, I would spend some time to read and understand from various sources.

Charts took a big junk of my time as I like to analyse their historical patterns and map out their strategy based on current happenings. For example, I loaded more to ride on the AI wave with the tech companies (ie increasing my shares) and apportioned less to other sectors (healthcare, financial, etc).

I also spend time alone with myself - going for walks, run or swim. This me time is important as it helps to declutter my mind and push away stuff that are of less priority. Once you are married , have a family and kids , time management becomes more crucial as you need to take into consideration of your partner's needs as well. Housework, running errands etc will come when you least expect it. Thus, I have to be disciplined like keeping to 1 hour for swimming using my Apple watch to track.

With fewer material needs to fulfil, all these advertisements in the malls, discounts on or offline does not sway me into a frenzy state that perhaps other may be. Keep your life simple. Oh, I also like gardening and that is a mental retreat for me daily. Pruning the plants, propagate new shoots, adding fertilizer, taking pictures of the flowers help me to stay closer to nature and most importantly the unnecessary lure towards online activities .

Believe in your long term goal of achieving financial independence. Spend time imagining what kind of lifestyle would you be having, making the scene as vivid as possible. Revisit them often as if they are in the present and do not let your present circumstances influence you in any way. I have use this successfully to quit smoking, learn swimming, investing and many others. The process may seems slow initially but it will heighten your mental alertness to a new level , clearing your mind from the woods of the jungle. You will gain clarity as you invest more time , quality time in your goals. Write them down is POWERFUL and see them each night before you sleep. Keep it short and positive.

All that you behold, it seems without, it is within your imagination
Of which this world of mortality is but a shadow - William Blake
praise god

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