MOBILE COIN or MOB now active on single App

this is huge and honestly going to b a big deal as the Single Native Token that works with their app and wallet. What I dont like is the greed factor of these projects that have no business having a non stable coin as the utility lever for the project. Would you HODL a bunch of StormX or MOB coin just cuz. ie if you need to interact on these platforms you need these coins but you dont want to sit on a bunch if the price can just bottom on you. ie this becomes a bull market utility coin only and makes it so everyone else is just passing through ie buy9ing the exact amount needed and no more due to volatility issues.

all in all this is super cool and interesting I just wish they had a second token that reflected 1USD or something for the utility part ie i would sit on a bunch of MOB coin ie get paid in it etc if I knew the price wasnt subject to huge volatility ie what if I dont want to watch MOB coin everyday and just want the utility here....

If the single app wallet looks to support additional tokens lets hope its a BTC ETH and a bunch of stable coin options would be the smart move here

I must say that without looking at the project or tokenomics that from a Utility and T and A standpoint MOB coin under 1 usd seems like a no brainer here