BATS:MSOS   AdvisorShares Trust AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF
Were in up channel, long consolidation, but I believe we are seeing potential to make some gains.
There is clear rotation from cad LPs into MSO, I expect MSO to do well until earning season begins. May 08-09
Took large position yesterday. I am going to take 20 percent profit and ride it longer
This is not the same environment as it was back in 2018-21
Every spike is heavily shorted in 2023-24.
What I am thinking is the halt on MSO was to blame in part. Created weird daily gap.
The good: we're close to fill it. tomorrow MSOS may drop 2 percent and at 9.39 the gap is filled.
Watch that level, it may bounce from it to 10.21
The bad:
Sale the news wasn't typical for MJ market, it is now.
We have few months now before next news.
So for me other the hourly bounce, Ill be very carfull
longer term, I think 14 is a good target