NANO : lets try this again. are we doomed?

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NANO : lets try this again. are we doomed?

k so the obvious fractal is there. the one where we have had merely a HUGe correction before going on some sort of willy wonka moon shot.
is it possible? yeh it is. there is a LOT of printed/derivative etc money floating around.
dont talk to me about market cap, that just shows me you have no idea what your talking about.

the other obviously bearish 'lets put a few more nails in this coffin' option is there too.

stocks pumped back up.. soooooo

Interesting that the ratio/% are the same... you notice that?

anyway lets see if we get citadels or corollas. ill be waiting to buy NANO btw. will let it do its massive flag thing, while hopefully increasing fiat stack with SOL etc which i assume will go first harder. then its mega nano bag up time.

Comment: hmm looks shit as. lol. but then again most big moves up happen from big dumps. iam NOT trying to knife catch spot anymore. have lost capital doing so over the last week or two. just gonna stay above it all until it moves.
Comment: interesting bounce. a big move up to $12 ish is a real possibility here. but bit of hopium sprinkled on that one as down is very possible here to. i LIKE that impulse V up though. strong.
Comment: perfect dip to confuse everyone there. now we pop to 12, then dump, to confuse everyone then mega moon mission. @@
Comment: ok its now or never, pivot point
Comment: interesting where that dump wick went to huh
Comment: well it didnt go as high but the overall shape is proceeding as per the fractal. im bagged up here again for that double top, then ill be out for the flat then back in for the final hurrah hopefully.
Comment: should get a massive pump here... on the fractal that growth area is very abrupt. though the fractal has been more mute and less volatile so maybe it doesn't pop as much here.
decision pivot point here. hopefully we up.
thing is this is too early to own nano almost. so maybe catch one quick pump on it here and find something hot for a week or something then come back. but playing that kinda game is quite hard. so just hodling your way is prob best unless your confident.