Well this landed nicely... Excited to see if it will hold the lines or not.
Good news today regarding value of co, and been little talk of NAS here, so I thought i´d share this.
Haven´t put anything in myself - it is just for educational research of different methods and indicators..

AO looks promising, and RSI seems oversold, and the stoch seems to turn.
Too soon to say yet, but I am curious as to see what happens in the future.
Comment: Nope, it did not land nicely, and AO did not turn just yet.
So my search on the sideline for the turnaround must go on.

I have never tried to use a GANN-fann before, and I might be doing it wrong. However, based upon my own logic perception of it I will test the use of it in the manner where the area between 1/2 and 2/1 might be the "area of attraction" for a trend. As it is kind of slack. As said this might be totally whack, but the point of this whole thing is to gain some knowledge. And what other why to learn than by trial and error?

I added 0.562,5 on the trend-based GANN ext. The level for the ground is about 30. As is 0.875 for the "major gann".... Don´t know if it will bear any meaning over time, but I am exited to continue watching.

If anybody got any insight, or critique or what ever: fire at will.
I want to know what I am doing wrong, and how I can learn from my mistakes.
It´s all the grand project of trying to figuring out the market.... Like many others. :)

Best regards---

Comment: Gotta love GANN

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