That's 100 looking almost exactly the same as euro and British pound the only difference is we had a much larger expansion on this pair after the red folded news on Friday. Following this price action we're looking for exactly the same thing as Gu and eu which is for us to run the internal liquid load that we have placed during the New York session of the last week and we also have a much lower unmitigated area of price which holds our poi for entry within our swing as it stands we're not going to hold our breath for a huge pullback but we are going to be looking for longs heading into this session.

Remember to always read order flow and follow what price is showing you instead of trading based on your desired direction. And, as always, stick to your risk and your plan.

We'll be closely monitoring market openings and price action throughout the week. If you find this analysis useful, let us know in the comments below and hit the boost button to show your support. Here's to a successful week of trading!