Nasdaq's Uptrend will Continue

NASDAQ:IXIC   Nasdaq Composite Index
A lot of people want a correction. Picture says a 1000 words


I think the correction was partial and that a further correction is imminent: see my post
Ape KrunchieKilleen
I appreciate your feedback, and I like your perspective on the markets. However, whenever a market pulls back in a corrective manner and then proceeds to create a new high then that is a whole separate cycle. I do think we could see a similar situation as we did in April and September of 2012 as you have pointed out. But due to the length of time and new high created, that would be a separate pull back altogether.
HermanBrummer KrunchieKilleen
Kruch, I also saw your chart and I agree that a correction is imminent, but how long is that exactly, a month, a year, another 3 years?

I think as many pro traders have argued, trying to call tops has taught many lessons. In my experience, before we can call the top, we need some significant indication, which clearly according to this chart as yet to happen.