NASDAQ: Man and Money v Virus - round 2

NASDAQ:NDAQ   Nasdaq, Inc
Man and Money won round one over the virus, propping up markets world wide for short time. The skirmish was one by flooding the markets with cheap money and other means of boosting sentiment.

But shortly after round one, the markets began to burn down. A great jobs report in the USA was ignored. A minor 10 min blip north then the markets went south after that.

The NASDAQ is certainly the one to watch along with DJI and other 'tech-heaving' indices.

Today (Saturday), weekend Wall Street (DJI) has continued it's travel south, losing approximately 100 pts.

Disclaimers: this is not financial advice or encouragement to make any particular decision. If you lose your money sue yourself.
Comment: There is potential trouble ahead for all stock indices. Virus infections have risen to about 35,000 and deaths at 806. The rate of spread and deaths seems to be following an exponential curve up. The markets are not gonna like this. Expect Central Bank interventions in round 2 of the fight.
Comment: Virus cases and deaths continue to move on an exponential curve. Central banks to co-ordinate.. they can't let the bubble pop.. it might pop anyway!

FED balance sheet 42% of GDP @ 2020-01-26. Does money have value anymore? [Different perspective on the virus ]