📈 NEAR: Capitalizing on Bullish Momentum🚀

🔍Let's delve into today's analysis. Weekly candlesticks closed yesterday, revealing compelling entry points for some altcoins. Even Bitcoin displayed a robust candle, indicative of buyer strength. Given the current market dynamics, it seems logical to consider adding Bitcoin to our portfolios. However, after thorough research, I've identified an altcoin that presents a relative uptrend to Bitcoin. In a market poised for upward movement, this altcoin is likely to outperform Bitcoin, offering greater potential returns.

💎The coin in question is Near Protocol (NEAR), a native coin of the Near Protocol blockchain. It boasts a robust project, making it a worthy addition to your bull market portfolio. Our previous entry point, as per our strategy, was a breakout above $3.823. While I didn't provide the detailed analysis then, it's crucial to stay vigilant for such entry opportunities. Since our entry, NEAR has delivered nearly 100% profit, doubling our investment.

⚡️A popular strategy suggests selling half of your position when your investment doubles, allowing you to secure profits while letting the remainder ride the market's ups and downs. However, I have a different approach. I firmly believe in holding onto my investments until Bitcoin surpasses $40,000, as I anticipate a bullish future for altcoins. These coins have the potential to multiply several times over, significantly increasing your capital.

📈Now, let's delve into the technical analysis and understand why NEAR should be part of your portfolio. On the weekly timeframe, after bottoming at $1 in October 2023, NEAR began its upward trajectory, witnessing a remarkable 600% growth. Yet, its potential extends far beyond these figures. Following a crucial resistance breakout, we're witnessing an influx of buying volume. Last week's candlestick, consolidating above the SMA7, signals strength and potential for further upside.

✅Moreover, the RSI indicator has exited the overbought territory, presenting an opportunity for a third bullish wave. With these insights and prudent capital management, now may be an opportune moment to enter a long position. For risk management, consider placing your stop-loss below $5, or even $4 for added security. As for targets, $17 presents a conservative estimate for Target 1, with potential for further gains upon its breach.

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