NEO / BTC very Cheap. First Target 500 dollar

My goals are always huge. But you can benefit from the small bite of Big goals.

BTC * Neo Price = 400 $
BTC * Neo Price = 500 $

Big Target = 910$

Every cheap good has a reason. When the cause is removed, cheapness disappears!.

Supply is the most important price factor in crypto currencies.
But the transaction volume is just as important.
Neo has 100 million supplies, 70 million supplies in use.
This indicates that the price should increase. With Neo 3.0,
smart contracts have been further accelerated. It imitates Ethereum .
But if you ask whether it will hold, of course yes. But Contract is Contract.
The statements of the parties are important. In addition,
staking systems and reward systems are actively continuing to attract investors.
I am sure that I will consider updating the potential of Neo to $ 800-900 in the future. It is not an Investment Advice.