HUOBI:NEXOBTC   Nexo / Bitcoin
Nexo is a great platform backed up by Bitgo security and Loyds Bank warranty.
Great interest rates in their platform.
Looked closely to it, even in terms of support in real time, transfers between revolut and banks are very easy to do especcially if you´re from Europe. I am really impressed with it, must confess.
Nexo coin hodling system seems to be perfectly oiled for people to hodl everything there including euros which can have interests up to 12% if you decide to receive interest in NEXO. Or just 10% in euros. To have this high rates you need to be Platinium and have least 10% of NEXO in your portfolio.
Loans are very easy to request. Loan payments is peace of cake too with diferent type of forms.
You can also use your cripto as collateral damage of your loan.

So i am long for this coin and amazing platform. So far. Lets see how it goes.

Trade active: Forgot to say. You receive 30% of Nexo profits/dividends daily, if you choose to hodl Nexo in their platform.
Trade active: Monthly Chart of Nexo. I expect amazing progress ahead but the only thing 100% for sure in this life is that we will all face death one day. All the rest can truly change in just a blink of an eye.
Trade active: Back to the middle of the channel:
Trade active: Nexo on the bottom of the channel.
I expect it to enter in the green rectangle during this month.
Trade active: How far will NEXO surf this channel?
Atm its testing the bottom of it once again.
0,0001btc might be in sight.
Trade active: Against USD i think its over for NEXO.
And against BTC in the next weeks too maybe.
Trade closed manually
Trade active: Opened a small position at 1.70 dollars.

On the top was Platinium. Sold all there. Back to base.

Now im silver prestige.

Waiting for BTC next move.