Northam flirts with the break

JSE:NHM   None
Average entry: R207.69
Stop loss: R208.89
Quantity: 7.4
Risk: +R8.88 (-0.12%)

The stock is currently flirting with breaking to the R250 - R282. Waiting for a close above R251. and I will trail my stop to R223 which would break even for my last trade in the stock. This will protect the overall R113 (+1.6%) of my balance. Giving the freedom to risk 2% of my balance.
Comment: Position

Everage Entry: R235.82
Quantity: 16.2
Stop loss: R244.6 (+R8.92 reward per share)
Profit/Loss if stop is hit ZAR: +R144.50 (+1.84%)

Entry: R274.60
Stop loss R244.74
Quantity: 5.3