NIO vs similar Market cap Car Producer

NIO Market Cap 64.492B
BMW Market Cap 65.701B

NIO Revenue 2020: 16.26B usd
NIO Earnings 2020: -5.61B usd
BMW Revenue 2020: 104.21B euro
BMW Earnings 2020: 4.92B euro

NIO Revenue Q1 2021: 7.98B usd
NIO Earnings Q1 2021: -4.87B usd
BMW Revenue Q1 2021: 26.78B euro
BMW Earnings Q1 2021: 2.81B euro

NIO Forward Dividend & Yield N/A (N/A)
BMW Forward Dividend & Yield 1.90 (2.22%)

And NIO is not audited by an American company.

US-listed Chinese companies have three years to comply with US accounting oversight, to comply with the rules of accounting and transparency that American public companies must follow, if not they will get delisted.

When i wrote my first article about NIO it was undervalued at 6.98usd and my target was around 18usd. i sold it between 12 to 14. I reentered at 20, but just for the hype.
Now i started to become more confident in my first target. :)

Most likely it will test the 30usd support.

I`m looking forward to read your opinion about NIO .