Historical Chart; Picking numbers in the range for 3/2020

NASDAQ:NKTR   Nektar Therapeutics
In my previous idea dated 12/21/2018, "NKTR SHORT 1-Year, Historical supports show more downside.", I pegged a bottom support at $16. (I realize it dropped slightly below that last month).

On 12/26/2018, I updated the idea to give a range for 12/31/2019, "Bullish/ Bearish Outlook Dec 30th, 2019", pegging a Bearish sentiment at ~$16.32 and Bullish sentiment at ~$36.19 for 12/31/2019. (Within range)

I listen to the Earnings Calls, although, I admit, I am at a loss with most of the terminology and technology. This week's call v. last quarter's was a huge difference in the overall sentiment coming from CEO Howard Robin. In this call, Mr. Robin, along with all others on the call, had an encouraging vibe, with positive R&D updates, increased Phase developments within their pipeline, and as mentioned earlier in the week, regulatory committees picking up the review of NKTR 181 (https://www.nektar.com/pipeline/rd-pipel...), to be reviewed in "the next few months".

This morning I am taking a wide shot look at Nektar's history, and preparing ranges for where the stock may go from here:

Bearish sentiment supports:

Bullish sentiment supports:
~$25.29 (7-day moving average)
~$44.82 (29-day moving average)

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Trade active: Added 20 shares at ~$18/ea
Comment: WTF!!! Down to 10 shares. Should've gotten out yesterday. 3 Contracts combined down 23%, expiring Friday. I did not know the advisory board was making any kind of decisions this week for the FDA on NKTR 181. With last Friday and this past Monday markup and encouraging influences, I guess it's par for Nektar to work with market manipulators. With CBD taking the place of pain and immuno-oncology drugs, I shouldn't be surprised. Maybe Nektar needs to pay some lobbyists to get past the FDA. I'm guessing their competitors paid more to keep them out. My three years looking at Nektar as a hopeful medical breakthrough company is coming to an end. Happy Hunting.
Trade closed manually: I'm out!


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