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Over the last 12 months, there has been tremendous hype on cannabis stocks. The widespread legalization in some states in the U.S. and all of Canada caused many stocks related to the pot industry to skyrocket. The surge has been deemed by some as the new gold rush. If you feel like you got left behind, don’t worry.

Some cannabis stocks have corrected over the last few months, and they’re ready to be bought on dips.

One such company is NLBIF (NewLeaf Brands Inc.).

Trading well off its 52-week high of $0.8765, this microcap cannabis company has much more upside potential that some of the more well known companies in their sector.

About NewLeaf Brands

NewLeaf Brands is an innovative Cannabidiol (“CBD”) lifestyle Company. Through the Company’s wholly owned subsidiaries We are Kured and Drink Fresh Water, the Company’s main business activities encompass the development, marketing and distribution of CBD products (including vaporizer pens and beverages) throughout the United States and internationally. In addition, NewLeaf Brands has extensive retail and cultivation land investments in Oregon.

For further information about NewLeaf Brands, please consult the Company’s profile on SEDAR at or visit the Company’s website at For further information about We Are Kured, please visit their website at

Global CBD Oil Market

Today the hemp/cannabis industry is fragmented, immature, and in many cases, poorly managed. It is a space that has never seen much in the way of real regulation, competition, or consumer demands for quality of service and product. As this industry matures and becomes mainstream, many businesses will have to contend with an environment in which they could not currently survive, and pressures they have never faced. The entry of large investment groups and significant corporate players will also represent a major paradigm shift in the space. They are preparing themselves for these eventualities, and believe they are building a business and a brand from day one to the very highest standards in every respect. It is the "picks & shovels" of the industry that often see higher margins and better sales. These areas of operations also give them the ability to build an internationally recognized brand. It is a strong belief that broader legalization and consumer acceptance of hemp/cannabis and all of its related products is underway. Beyond the medical reasons, there are an overwhelming number of economic, social, and political factors driving the growth of this marketplace. It is a certainty that hundreds of billions of dollars per year will be generated by this industry in the US alone. It is a certainty that many companies will be hugely successful in this space. NLBIF is positioning themselves to be one of these many successes.

Premium CBD Water

Fresh Water is a purified Alkaline rich water containing body essentials which include Hemp derived nano-amplifi ed CBD . Created by people living active lifestyles, Fresh Water is ultra refreshing, intended to elevate performance,
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About Drink Fresh Water

Every bottle begins with purified alkaline water through reverse osmosis and is tested at time of bottling at pH9 for optimal beverage consumption.

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KURED is a socially-minded lifestyle Full Spectrum hemp derived CBD company founded to help pave the way CBD is viewed internationally. KURED puts the customer first, providing the highest quality CBD oil . Based out of Colorado, USA, KURED was created with passion of spreading the powers of using full spectrum CBD oil . The company’s strategy is broken up into phases enabling the development of sales channels and relationships while systematically building the back end of the company in Hemp cultivation and extraction to ultimately be fully vertically integrated!

“We consider KURED a trendsetting Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract company, and we know we have the knowledge and passion to change the way people view Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract. We have partnered with some of the top cannabis formulators, cultivators and product manufacturers in the global cannabis industry to develop a variety of Hemp derived BSHE products. We are climbing to the top of our favorite industry, working to be leaders in hemp cultivation, because frankly, we know that quality products are what our clients expect…and it’s what we will provide.”! - Ben Martch - Founder & CEO

NLBIF has recently made some strategic acquisitions that could lead to a massive revenue increase for this up-and-coming company.

NewLeaf Brands Signs Binding LOI to Acquire TeaLief Brand, LLC

In late June, the Company announced that it has entered into a binding letter of intent (the “LOI”) with TeaLief Brand, LLC (“TeaLief”). Under the terms of the LOI, the Company will acquire 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of TeaLief (the “Acquisition”). In consideration for the Acquisition, the Company will pay to TeaLief an aggregate amount of $3,000,000 USD in the form of common shares in the capital of the Company. The share price is to be set on the closing price as of the date of signing of the LOI. The Acquisition is expected to close within 60-90 days of submission. Closing is subject to definitive documentation and applicable regulatory approvals.

TeaLief, a Colorado based company, designs, manufactures, and sells a line of high quality, fully organic CBD infused teas. Currently the company has three product offerings: Black Ginger Peach (a high caffeine offering) Green Tea Coconut (a mild caffeine offering) and Honey Spice Rooibos (a zero caffeine offering).

“We are extremely excited at the potential to add TeaLief to our list of brands,” stated Josh Bartch CEO of NewLeaf Brands. “The craftsmanship that has gone into designing this product is truly paramount. When our team tried these organic teas, we were truly blown away. We also feel that this product can be offered at a number of big box retailers that are becoming friendlier to the thought of carrying CBD infused products. This transaction represents the first of what we expect to be many new companies that will be joining the NewLeaf portfolio in the very near future,” Josh concluded

NewLeaf Brands Signs Binding LOI to Acquire ReLyfe Brand, LLC

2 weeks ago, NLBIF announced that it has entered into a binding letter of intent (the “LOI”) with ReLyfe Brand, LLC (“ReLyfe”). Under the terms of the LOI, the Company will acquire 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of ReLyfe (the “Acquisition”). In consideration for the Acquisition, the Company will pay to Relyfe an aggregate amount of $3,000,000 USD in the form of common shares in the capital of the Company. The share price is to be set on the closing price as of the date of signing of the LOI. The Acquisition is expected to close within 60-90 days of submission. Closing is subject to definitive documentation and applicable regulatory approvals.

ReLyfe is a health-focused gel capsule CBD company manufactured and based out of Colorado, USA. ReLyfe was founded to provide high quality, simple to take, effective and non-habit forming healthy alternative to traditional medication on the market today. ReLyfe’s THC FREE CBD gel capsules are changing the way many consumers view hemp-derived CBD because the gel capsules provide a safe, easy, and discrete alternative to traditional ways that CBD is enters your system. ReLyfe offers 3 different sized product offerings: a 2-day starter pack, a 7-day week pack, and a 30-day monthly bottle. ReLyfe’s products are currently available in stores both in the US and internationally.

“As I’ve stated before, we have been actively looking for the best products and companies to add under our umbrella of companies,” said Josh Bartch, CEO of NewLeaf Brands. “This potential purchase of ReLyfe further solidifies our plan to accomplish that moving forward,” Josh continued. “We have looked at a number of companies that manufacture or offer a pill product of some sort; none of them hold a candle to the quality of ReLyfe’s product. Based on our extensive research, a pill form of CBD is one of the top selling products in the industry as it stands, we expect this to only continue. As we continue to expand both our current distribution channels through We Are Kured LLC and Fresh Water, LLC, we are able to feed our newly added high quality products into each and every line of distribution. We intend on updating our loyal shareholders on other milestones the Company has reached over recent months as well as what to look for in the future. Needless to say we are very excited,” Josh concluded.

Recent Developments:

NewLeaf Brands Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement With Best Strains, LLC

Today NLBIF announced that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement (the “Agreement”) with Best Strains, LLC (“Best Strains”) based out of Tennessee, USA. Under the terms of the Agreement, Newleaf Brands will have the rights for distribution of their KURED disposable vape pens, vape cartridges and Fresh Water to convenient stores, liquor stores, novelty/tourist retailers, and other big box retailers throughout Tennessee.

Best Strains was founded by the same family that has been in the wholesale wine, beer, beverage and spirits distribution business since 1939 and is currently distributing to over 3000+ retail locations.

Jason Eskind, Executive Vice President of Best Strains, who is 4th generation to founder Manual Eskind stated, “We are extremely excited to be entering this new market segment with a strong brand and partner in NewLeaf Brands.”

Chief Marketing Officer of Newleaf Brands, Benjamin Martch, commented, “Being that Tennessee is a hub for hemp cultivation, we have been working on getting a distribution agreement with a notable company like Best Strains, LLC for the last few months. Their current partner’s products are being sold in stores throughout the Tennessee market, and we cannot wait to see what they can do with KURED!”

Market Outlook:

The cannabis market has grown at a tremendous pace over the recent years and as such, the industry has established itself a major global market. According to data compiled by Grand View Research, the global legal cannabis market is projected to reach USD 146.4 Billion by the 2025. It is also expected to grow at a CAGR of 34.6%. The market itself is witnessing a widespread legalization movement due to the growing adoption of the plant within the medical sector. Cannabis is being used heavily around the global for medical applications and treatments for maladies such as cancer, mental disorders, chronic pain, and others. However, the recreational market is thriving as well due specifically to the U.S. and Canada. States like California, Colorado, and Nevada are expected to propel the recreational sector forward at an encouraging rate.

The acceleration of research and development has led to new products within the market, enhancing consumer experiences. The research suggests that the industry is expecting strong exchanges of technological knowledge and information. Meanwhile, as countries like Canada, the U.S., Germany, and Australia lead the market in sales, countries like Israel are focusing on research and technology development to further expand within the industry. Additionally, there are various new forms of technology being introduced into the cannabis sector, such as virtual reality, payment solutions, and medical devices. "That's why we firmly believe that technology stands at the center of the industry's advancement and growth," said Ben Curren Chief Executive Officer of Green Bits, "This innovation will continue to generate market growth, improve public perception, protect public health and safety and enhance the implementation of state programs and regulations.

CBD is becoming widely accepted by consumers and countries. For example, in the U.S., CBD became legal after the Farm Bill that passed in late 2018.

That in mind, consumers could easily find CBD products across the U.S. In turn, we may actually see some CBD companies generating more revenues and earnings than cannabis companies.

Now, investment bank Cowen & Co. analysts estimate that the CBD market will reach $16B by 2025.

That said, CBD companies could experience exponential growth rates with such a large market. Not only that, large-cap drug stores like CVS and Walgreens have bet on CBD .

Additionally, CVS and Walgreens noted they would offer CBD products in more than 2,000 stores across the U.S.

But these companies need to find a reputable source for CBD products. Now, there’s one little-known company focused on CBD and offers an array of high-quality CBD-only products. With CVS and Walgreens offering CBD products, it wouldn’t be surprising to see either of these two large drug store companies to strike a partnership, invest in, or even acquire this CBD company.

Technical Analysis:

Like many of our past winners, this low-float alert has a proven history of massive intraday swings.

In the last two trading sessions alone, NLBIF had made intraday swings of +45% and +25% respectively!

With tomorrow's anticipated increase in trade volume , we are expecting a much bigger move from NLBIF.

In fact, we've done our very own chart analysis, and see the potential for a move of over +160%!

If you're on the hunt for the next breakout cannabis stock, then NLBIF should be the only ticker on your radar tomorrow.

That being said, we ask that all members start their research on NLBIF immediately, and consider building a position tomorrow morning at 9:30AM EST

(*Remember to use a Basic Stop-Loss Order or more advanced Stop Limit Order to protect your gains, as well as limit possible losses.)


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