NLG Bullisch Breakout confirmed! Target 600 SATS, time for bull

BITTREX:NLGBTC   Gulden / Bitcoin
Hello Guys,

NLG broke bullisch out if its wedge , as I mentioned in my last NLG post. The target of this falling wegde is 600 SAT, which is very good news, but quite unreal for some who have seen a downtrend for the pas 2 years. Now the bulls must show some strength and push NLG there!
It is also holding the 20 Day Moving Average as support, the last time it dit that was 2 months ago, this is also a strong sign that the bear trend has found a bottom.
I would like to see some big green candles pushing us to above the 20 Week MA, to completely confirm the beginning of the bull trend.

Trade safe!


it's already 243, i think it will go to 300 sat easily for sure!?
The right intuition for sure. It just took 4 extra months than expected but the bottom appears to be locked in on NLG at this point. The nice, long, quadruple river bottom that has formed will lead to a bull trend that will last 2-3x as long as this expiring bearish cycle and will go 3-5x the last ATH by the time it is done (2024).
Cornevdberg doxoliday
@doxoliday, Thanks for your comment, I will be holding NLG for sure
It's looking good so far