Novo Nordisk (ShortTrade in the Radar)

We'll see how it all plays out, I'll keep you updated.
Comment: Novo Nordisk is not moving fast at all, but I still expect a drop in the price..
Comment: Now we are in a sideways market for real.

Novo keeps going and hit previous top recently, but I still expect a drop in price before we see a bullish trend.
Comment: I see changes in the structure- making a difference pattern but in the overall view I still see the stock drop to breach the previous low.
I’ll keep you updated if I see any changes.
Comment: Novo has been on fire. I never got the short I expected... The is price action... that is trading.

Price dropped a bit @350 to 312ish, but never enough to take a short and also as I was following price action It kept giving bullish patterns.

Have a nice weekend...