CME_MINI:NQ1!   NASDAQ 100 E-mini Futures
Oversold on 3 hr , but daily looks bearish .

Guessing an up move tomorrow then down next week? Not much usually happens on Thanksgiving Friday but you never know....
Comment: Well, I was right about one thing....

I said yesterday that the market will be choppy if futures sell off this week due to low liquidity during a holiday week. Very choppy trading.
Comment: MFI moving up as expected but not much follow through with the holiday coming up. Friday will probably be a nothing day
Comment: So much for nothing day, lol. Wasn't watching the market at all today.

I did go duck hunting yesterday, so must be the reason why the market tanked.
Comment: So MFI went overbought Thursday and the market promptly sold it off on Friday. Like I said earlier last week, a futures selloff on low liquidity would cause volatility and it did, lol.

MFI went oversold again, futures green. Will try to post an update before the market opens.,