NQ Short (10-22-21)

CME_MINI:NQ1!   NASDAQ 100 E-mini Futures
Tech looking lower pre market, 10YN yield is climbing, inflation chatter getting louder, just feeling a Short is in order. All 4 Major Update:
Comment: Test Short here at 60, Stop at 85. Current run from 15395 is slowing and has had 5 legs.
Comment: Interesting development now, NAZ looking bullish but will need to Drop and Pop in order to go higher, looking at 15370 or 15400 as bounce target. Should this play out, the NAZ decline may effect the other 2 at ATH's and this may then turn bearish as profit taking will pick up. Wide stops today.
Comment: 15459 is showing to be a level to remember. NAZ may rotate around as we get to Open. If you took short at 60, take your 10 point profit or let it play out and you may take hit, odds are the NAZ will test lower in order to get higher.
Comment: 10YN will break the NAZ today, keeps dropping. Remember Overnight trading is skewed to upside and usually gives back near Open to Mid Level of range 400 range.
Comment: Watch the DIAG TL for drop path:
Comment: 47 is level to watch on retrace back up, may hover around, move your stop to buy in.
Comment: Take profit
Comment: NAZ will climb back near highs and either succeed to pass or fail 60, this is our next play.
Comment: Range to watch is 40 to 60 and the idea is to follow in next direction Up/Down, do nothing until after Open or break out of value and confirm.
Comment: NAZ took hit after Close, Overnight will prop back up and Open will take in new Long orders and then selling comes in, support holds or fails and that is the progress, Everyday. Stepping away.
Comment: May see pop and look to fade.
Comment: You should of went short at 60 failure.
Comment: Could retrace to 420
Comment: Short again next failure.
Comment: Strong resistance at 25
Comment: breaks 25 going to 60
Comment: have to wait.
Comment: Dow & SP lifting NAZ, FNG1 is down .50%, Not seeing Long day just Range day so far. NAZ decline may bring all down?
Comment: TL is magnet, could bounce higher or go lower.
Comment: You can see, placing trades at key levels in opposite direction are high Prob.
Comment: All are confused at this point, look for selling next.
Comment: This should do it, 20 to 60 and sideways to drop later. Stepping away.
Comment: Today looks like flip flop day and direction change.
Comment: Very common to see lift and retrace back down at close.
Comment: retest lower prior to pop.
Comment: 00 is test level.
Comment: bounced at 02
Comment: 00 appears to be holding, Long above Short below.
Comment: Lift to half way up drop.
Comment: Dow is hold up deep drop, watch Ticks, NAZ will lift.
Comment: 36 strong Long, watch wiggle near or head fake.
Comment: confusing but NAZ may lift to TL and then drop back by close.
Comment: Next move is NAZ will pull back near TL, break will climb or reject decline. May see few PB's on the way to TL.
Comment: PB Support 46
Comment: Sorry PB Support 36
Comment: 36 held for now, just like NAZ needs to Drop in order to go higher, it will lift in order to go lower. we are caught in between next move until one wins.
Comment: 36 needs to pass 80 or going back down.
Comment: from 36, thinking one more attempt at TL
Comment: Stepping away, quick note. Today has lower high and lower low than yesterday and is in line with note of reversal Inst Test that I mentioned 3-4 days ago. See how they slowly creep it lower, likely this will continue to downside if NAZ closes in mid to lower end of range.
Comment: Another note, from 80 stall shorting highs is better than buying dips. Just like Shorting at 60 today from start.
Comment: When NAZ tested 00 and held, that would be the Long Trade. NAZ needs to pass 30M high at 55, for now short with test at 00. NAZ keeps stopping at 55 last 1.5 hours. May pop through this go around as 00 keeps holding. Short at 50 with stop at 60. This was trade last 2 30M bars, may not work here, fyi.
Comment: Now 80 is pass test.
Comment: NAZ may come back down to 55 near 80. This why it is stalling. Watch Ticks.
Comment: Pass 55, going to 00
Comment: TL in tack:
Trade closed: target reached: Just getting back, 80 failure at TL Short did drop 50 points to 30. You can see how reversing your view can get you on the right side of trades. I use 50 day on 30 minute chart, under is short and above is long. Have a Great Weekend.
Comment: Final chart, Diag TL is reliable with NAZ. You need to spot it early.

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