CME_MINI:NQ1!   NASDAQ 100 E-mini Futures
Big Action Today and Bigger Reaction to follow. NAZ will need to pass 13600 and climb towards 13700. Buy dips over next day or so.
Trade active: 1st PB to 12530 Long, EU up wide stop.
Trade active: PB Support at 13580, Look to Add to Long.
Trade active: 4 Index Chart, NAZ & Russell should have nice rally.
Trade active: PB Support at 13600 95, Should see drop to level at OPEN.
Trade active: Close Long at 13660
Trade active: PB Support 13575
Trade active: 2nd Test of 13530 Level, Long At Level or any above, back to TOP
Trade active: Stay Long Bias, this is just a push down test to see if NAZ would go lower, prior to big move up.
Trade active: 13600 pass then 13620 then 13660. Targets on Long.
Trade active: 13620 Hit
Trade active: 13620 new PB Support.
Trade active: Another Test lower, stay Long
Trade active: Add Long at 13550
Trade active: Keep Longs until Close.
Trade active: Target 13637
Comment: PB to 13570 Add
Trade active: Place stop at 13525
Comment: Should be last PB, or the direction will most likely not turn positive.
Comment: Keeps bouncing around 13540 & 50, may pop up, if not SL
Trade closed: stop reached: Stops hit on Longs.
Trade closed: stop reached: As bad as today was:
Long 13540 to 13660
Long 13550 to 13620
Stop -25, -45
=+120 on -40 day
Stay positive, Higher Highs and Higher Lows, Look Long tomorrow.
Advanced Group
Chicago, IL