NQ broke out of wedge. You can buy flags maybe.

Pre market strength in all of the major indices. It doesn't have to continue, but if it does then look to buy flagging areas.

There was a little bit of a sharp drop across the board around 9:15. When I see the unison nosebleed I tend to think that markets will eventually lose buyer support. I have seen buyers ignore the nosebleed in the past, as long as it's only a drip, but that type of price action can function to insert fear in an effective manner. Something to be on the lookout for.

Taking a look at some of the markets that compose the Nasdaq: Faang's have been showing a lot of daily red candles lately with the exception of google . That is something you are supposed to use to help predict price action, however, I concern myself mostly with price action. Supposedly that's where it all shows up in the end anyway. And I don't have dozens of screens so it's more effective for me to narrow my focus than to try to monitor all the different relations.