Barrelin v3.0

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#Barrelin Pattern & Trade Strategy Lingo

“Going #Barrelin”: Moving above 75% RSI (14)

“#Barrelin Zone”: Area above 75% (14)

“#Barrelin Entry”: First candle close in the #Barrelin Zone on the active timeframe.

“Continuation Stipulation”: Remaining above the 9-EMA of the highest timeframe getting a handoff.

“Active #Barrelin Pattern”: Has continued to get candle closes above the 9-EMA after entry or handoff.

“Handoff”: Confirmation of a #Barrelin Entry on higher timeframe while lower timeframe pattern is still in an active #Barrelin pattern.

Included Timeframes: 4H, 1D, 1W & 1M (pattern works on lower timeframes as well but I’m not skilled enough to trade below the 4H & also best risk/reward ratio according to my research).