OCEAN 4-5 Setup

WaveFibs Updated   
CRYPTO:OCEANUSD   Ocean Protocol
OCEAN is currently in a downward wave-4, having breached the 50% Fibonacci retracement level, which typically marks the final point for wave-4. However, this break has not been sustained. In the crypto market, such levels are often surpassed but can still experience a rally due to high volatility. I've added an additional Fibonacci level at 0.618 as a precaution, but breaking this level would maintain a high risk for the 4-5 setup. Nonetheless, you can still start scaling into the green triangle and scaling out at the red triangle, placing the smallest order at the top and the largest at the bottom.
If the price drops below 0.55 cents 0.618 fib, it invalidates wave 4, indicating that a different pattern is emerging and the count needs to be adjusted. However, the price could still rally following a diagonal structure.