x10 Potential - Cup+handle and breakout on OGN/BTC

BINANCE:OGNBTC   Origin Protocol / Bitcoin
Many altcoins have reached their ATH , or are close to doing so since the most recent crypto crash. OGN is still to catch up to the rest of the pack, however this seems like a perfect buying opportunity as multiple patterns are being formed, and as long as BTC continues to push or stay stable, and volume remains stable on OGN, we could see a big push, potentially up to 7-10x return.

Cup and handle formed on the 1h and on the daily chart , along with a potential breakout of the triangle. A little more volume may be necessary, however we could see a major push very soon.
Using the fib extension, we can set the following take profits:
TP1 = 5162 (+47%) - matches perfectly with the previous high wick that reached 5225.
TP2 = 6150 (+75%) - matches with the price reached at 6400.
TP3 = 20000 (+471%) - ATH .

Stop loss = 3000.

Please give me advice and potential constructive criticism on my analysis. I would love to hear analysis and the perspective of a more experienced trader, and someone with more experience in technical analysis .


We are nearly at our first TP.
Would just like make more people aware of this as we already made 30%.