$OGN about to make a 17x move before 1 March 2024? Target: 2.6$

BINANCE:OGNUSDT   Origin Protocol / TetherUS
Today we are analyzing Origin Protocol. Currently very bullish looking at the chart and have a target of 2.6$ for the upcoming 3 months.

That is a 1700%+ move, crazy right? But there is a reason for this crazy thought. There has been some historical developments that are happening right NOW, just before it made a 3000% move in 2021.

We are seeing the same things:

Since 14 february 2021:
Not shown on this chart. The 20 and 50 SMA has crosse the 100 day SMA on the 2D chart. Last time this happened was just before the major spike up.

Since 30 july 2022:
Not shown on chart. MACD cross on the 10D and still holding positive cross. Last time this happened was 21 january 2021. Another positive indicator that shows a green sign.

Since 15 april 2021:
The price of OGN has been in an continues downtrend. The triangle as shown on the chart (white lines) shows where the resistances are. Currently it is flirting with a 2.5+ year resistance. We are bound to break out!

Since 1 June 2023:
The RSI has been in an continues uptrend now nearing RSI above 90+.
Look at the pink circles. The last time this happened it move 2900% in 48 days.

Since 10 july 2023:
Not shown on chart. We see a massive increase of volume, pay attention, volume not price! Even double the volume of what we asaw in the bullrun of 2021 where the price went parabolic. This is a clear sign of accumilation of the smart hands and whales. Slowly, but surely filling their bags before they it gets send.

Since 25 nov 2023:
Gaussian Channel turned Green on the 4D (!).
OGN trying to break out of multiple year resistance:

2D/3D SMA Crosses 20 - 50/100

MACD Positive Cross:

Guassian Channel Turning Green:

Massive Volume (in comparison to previous bullrun).
Accumilation going on:

Breakout! OGNUSDT

We already have a clean breakout. And retesting now with the 0.1525 levels.

Maybe consolidate a few days and then the real fireworks will start, just like PERPUSDT today +70% - OGNUSDT will follow sooner than later.
I don't want to be a permabull or in love with a coin, but I have to give credits where they are due.

Looking at the OGN/BTC pair we see a few very interesting things:

1. Positive cross on the 3D RSI
2. Positive cross on the 3D MACD
4. 6 (!) consectutive green candles in a row

If trend continues we should expect a aggresive breakout, no later than 10 january 2024. Which is merely 14 days away from this moment of writing.

Only thing that could stop OGN now is a big BTC correction to 37k, but even then it will only prolonge the upcoming pump.

Well, atleast you can not say I did not have a chance when this takes off, because when it does, fomo hits hard. The trick is buying now when no one is talking about it, holding strong and keep those hands diamond when it pumps for long term profits.

I will keep you updated via here, pinky promise.

The chart:

Here is a closer look:

P.S.: I am holding a position myself, entry 0.1396 just to be crystal clear.
OGN is gonna copycat our previous trade where we made 250% gains in less than 60 days? Must definitly.


Targets short term:

First resistance around 0.25
Next one around 0.50
(Possibily also around 0.72)
Third around 0.90-1$
OGN/BTC pair about to breakout of a descending triangle since april 2021.

Last time that happened it moved 1100% in 90 days. Tighten your seatbelts.

We are already outperforming the market last few days.
In the greens while whole market is bleeding.
All dips get bought up, very, very fast.

Are u able to do the hardest thing in trading?
I will share it with you; it is... DOING NOTHING AND HOLDING YOUR POSITION.

If u can, OGNUSDT will really be one of your favorite cup of tea's ;)

It is not moving..
I should have invested in another coin...
We are waiting for ages, WHEN will it start?

These are emotions. Biggest money killers.

Just zoom out:

And now zoomed in. Deadline: 15 March.

Explode or Explosion. ;)

The last shake out take out: boredom.

They want you to think this won't move.
They want to let you think you are wrong.
They want to, shake you out - by boredom.

1 month exact same price range, while whole market moved down and back up.
We are playing stable coin with OGNUSDT
You see coins popping left and right. And

OGNUSDT is not moving as expected! Too darn slow...

Was this the right choice? Maybe I should hop into that other hot coin?
This one is not even moving when market is bullish... COME ON!!

These might be your thoughts. They are normal. They are emotions.
But remember, emotions are money killers.
Never compare or compensate one trade for another.

The current situation: the volume osc. is at its historic low and we are about to break a resistance line which has been a resistance multiple times. We are in heavy accumilition.

Smart money buying, look at all those green big ass candles.

Update: Still getting a lot of questions, so here is a quick sum-up.

OGNUSDT is slow at making a move, but when it does - it moves very explosive. Especially now the Volume Oscilator is at a historic low (meaning trading volume short term is at its lowest point in comparison to the long term volume average) aka getting ready for explosion.

Below you can see the current situation.
1. We had a succesfull breakout
2. Are currently in a vertical accumilation (price making higher high - higher lows)
3. Nearing resistance, which we have failed to break numerous times, but remember - the more a resistance line get tested, the weaker it gets.

Currently all stars are aligned for the next leg up to 0.25, after that we will probably take a breath and move swiftly to 0.70.

The exact timing when this will happen? No one knows.
Is it very probable a big move to the upside will happen in 20-30 days from now? Yes, very very probable.

OGN/BTC at critical support, expecting a bounce from here. Would be perfect entry for new entries.

Would it be smart to buy when it moves and not wait so long while other coins are popping? No. Because when it goes, there will be such an inflow of voume, you will be too late and your position won't have the great risk/reward which it is currently sitting at.

Remember, coins with great risk/rewards are always boring, not cool and will give you uncertainty. When they POP and Go! It will look cool, exciting and going to the m0o0on. But at that moment, the risk/reward sucks.

So my idea? Hold. We are near. I know you might be exhausted.

The night is the darkest before the sun rises.

OGN/BTC sitting at support, great moment to buy in terms of risk/reward.

Already moving up.

OGN. 14 days or less.

This is it. Mark it.

Will come back to this.
10 days
10 days left, can happen any moment. Green dildo loading...
Timeframe extended 1-2 months.

For those holding a bit more patience. For those considering to enter, this would be the best time to do so.

Cup n Handle forming. About to break out of important resistance. All sellers gone.

Strap yourself for a bumpy and explosive ride.
If we break 0.21 we go parabolic.
The longer we are staying in this range, the bigger will be the upmove. It has taken a bit longer than expected. But I expect a wild next 5 days, anyhow if it will happen in upcoming 5, 10 or 20+ days - the risk reward is very strong and there is a lot of upside. Do not fade this one. You have been warned, buy before the fomo.
Some people are loud in the comments, they will be quiet very soon very much.
248MILLION USD TVL, adding millions with the day.


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